Welcome to The Enlightenment Zone – a garden of consciousness for exploring our true nature. Every offering here has been created to transmit awakening and Love. We’d love to hear from you if you feel a resonance. Enjoy!

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Schedule of Upcoming Events

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A Sampling of Offerings

The Consciousness of Money

Discover the True Power and Generosity of Money

The Consciousness of Money will upgrade your operating system for money and life. Through an exploration of how you and the people close to you think, feel, and act around money, you will discover the sheer beauty of partnering with a loving, generous energy and consciousness, which exists to support connection, creativity, and flourishing.

​Join us for a great adventure of epiphanies and empowerment, which will give you the consciousness needed to literally become the new economy, to bring forth beauty in all that you do, and to create thriving businesses and organizations that benefit the world.

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Soul’s Values – Find Your North Star

Come Away With A Sense of Wholeness, What You Stand For

More often than not we approach values by creating a list of words to hang on the wall. ​That’s great AND it’s limiting, as it keeps us in our head. It makes it another intellectual exercise. Often, not a very inspiring one…

Are you yearning to rediscover what you stand for NOW? What makes you tick at this stage in your life? Your desired outcome, and what deeply and truly motivates you in life?

Are you looking for clarity, simplicity, a better understanding for how to maximise living and working in alignment with what really mattes to you? Your inner, core beliefs?

Connecting with what you stand for and what makes you tick, will engage all parts of you, your whole self.

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Awaken as Grace

A Maximum Dose of Loving Transformation

Life is providing everything we need for joy, awakening, and a steady stream of beautiful experiences. With a shift in perception we can discover the gems that are hidden in plain sight and tap into the great reservoir of inner peace, wisdom, and guidance. When we make this shift, problems dissolve and we come to know life as a cascade of blessings.

Awaken as Grace is radical self-care. You will gain clarity around life direction and key decisions, your untapped gifts, what is needed to fulfill your mission and empower your journey, and where you are poised to make leaps in your development. You will experience transmissions of consciousness and energy that heal and enliven, Resonance Mapping, and other modalities that will accelerate your evolution, align your work and life with your heart, and expand your awareness…

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For Freedom Seekers – A Gateway and a Path to Greater Realised Freedom


If realised FREEDOM and self-discovery is something that you are interested in then this will peak your interest. This assessment isn’t about pinning down your personality. Instead, it offers you a different perspective on inner and outer freedom.

The MAPPING YOUR FREEDOM™ assessment has been created for those who are ready to take additional steps in self-discovery and personal leadership. It’s aimed at those who want to lead by example, who are looking for freedom and wholeness, and who believe that the soulution lies in changing themselves rather than trying to change others. By taking the assessment, you will open up a path that leads your soul to freedom.

Photo Credit (Header): Hans Van Heerden