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Featured Offerings

Becoming the New Human

Becoming the New Human is an ongoing monthly series in which we gather to explore the evolution of our species and discover the divine nature that is awakening in and through us now.

In these 90-minute sessions, we explore themes of spiritual realization and embodiment, how we cultivate and live the new consciousness, and how we can support one another in living it consistently and sustainably. Along the way, we engage with spiritual practices, develop our capacities for loving presence, and experience powerful transmissions of energy and realization that support healing, awakening, and joyful transformation.

Journey of Realization

Opening to Enlightenment

Has your spiritual journey been a long and winding road? Are you looking for a heart-based community that you can really resonate with? One that is filled with sincere beings who are coming to truly know and live as who they really are? If so, then we invite you to join us for a grand adventure.

Journey of Realization: Opening to Enlightenment is a five-week online course that will launch you on an accelerated path of awakening to the truth of who you really are so that you can embody that truth ever more fully in your human life. This is the first in a series of signature courses offered by the emerging Academy for Spiritual Enlightenment. Future courses building on this one – including “Enlightenment in Action” and “The Enlightenment of Money” – will dive even more deeply into the nature of enlightenment, and beyond.

Awakening Deep Healing and Regeneration

Once a month we gather to open to the radical possibilities of healing and regeneration on the deeper levels of our being. During these sessions we explore what it means to be fully healthy in human form and share insights regarding the aspects of health that are most influenced by our consciousness. Along the way we engage with meditations and other practices that promote abiding well-being and awaken our soul’s innate capacities for healing, wholing, and evolving. The session format includes a community check-in, meditation, inner listening and heart-based dialogue, the sharing of insights and discoveries, blessings and empowerments of loving energy, and always the element of delight.

What’s Up?
A Sourced Conversation

On the third Thursday of the month at 8am U.S. Pacific Time, we gather to ask and learn from one another how Self-realization gets real in these wild times. The invitation is for each one of us to share what’s disturbing or provoking us, as well as what’s helping us to navigate the emergences and emergencies of daily life.

These sourced conversations are a chance to listen and share, for an hour or so, from the deepest places within ourselves. No question is off limits. The sessions are co-hosted on the Zoom video platform by Anne Stadler, Holly Thomas, and Jeff Vander Clute.

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Letters from The Enlightenment Zone

Letters from The Enlightenment Zone is where we gather the latest insights from Enlightenment Zone contributors. Here are a few of the most recent posts:

  • When Shiva came calling
    by Evan Renaerts

    That day when Shiva came calling and dragged me, eyes and mouth open all the way out onto his dance floor. I had been standing, timid and off to one side, afraid of stumbling and getting it wrong. My heart thundered as I joined the great ecstatic whirling. Formless flowing into form and back again … Continue reading When Shiva came calling

  • How to “sense” a person, using your intuition
    by Yanni Maniates

    Here’s how to “sense” people. It’s a simple and very effective way to hone your intuition.

  • My Cosmic Friends and Frenemies
    by Irina Morrison

    Entering the world of higher dimensions can often be like starring in a Sci-Fi movie. You feel, hear, and see things that no one else does, and you meet and interact with various members of our Galactic Family. From my experience, I’d say these experiences present themselves when we are ready, when we’ve raised vibration … Continue reading My Cosmic Friends and Frenemies

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