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Enlightening Journeys & Expedition

Going on a spiritual retreat or voyage is a beautiful way to reconnect to one’s essential nature and cultivate a fully embodied vitality. Our commitment at Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions is to offer next-level transformative experiences that inspire people to connect authentically and deeply with their true self and nature. We do this by creating opportunities for awakening spiritually and exploring our inner lives in relation to the world around us, in a light and joyful way.

Our journeys are awakening travel adventures that include time for restoration and relaxing into wellness – an extraordinary vacation from your normal routines which will upgrade your whole being. You will visit awe-inspiring places and meet spiritual teachers, and most importantly you will meet your Self. Our team will provide you with support and guidance for your transformation. You will also receive tools for engaging with life as an enlightening journey wherever you are.

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Letters from The Enlightenment Zone

Letters from The Enlightenment Zone is where we gather insights from Enlightenment Zone contributors. We invite you to read and enjoy the most recent posts:

  • The spider, my master teacher, Part 7: When you remember who you are, you forget who you weren’t.
    by Yanni Maniates

    Let us let go of the limiting ways of being, the old, energetic cocoon of homo sapiens, its dysfunctional operating patterns and beliefs and its connection to the old energy forms. And instead let us allow our luminous essence to emerge, by connecting to the space of grace, by learning to live in its brilliance, and by laying the foundations to make our lives an extension of our true nature, homo luminous.

  • The spider, my master teacher, Part 6: A “Groundhog Day” rerun
    by Yanni Maniates

    Besides all the shadows that the coronavirus is bringing up within us personally, so, too, our inability and unwillingness to look at the massive injustices that have been perpetrated on human beings because of their “otherness:” skin color, gender, culture, etc., must finally be healed. Otherwise our collective shadows will ensnare, bury, and destroy us in a web of deadly dystopia. We must let the light within us emerge. We are in an e-merge-ncy.

  • The spider, my master teacher, Part 5
    by Yanni Maniates

    Dreaming, weaving, and embodying a whole new web of life in the age of Covid-19 amid sweeping social, economic and political transformation. Is this for me to do? I have a bigger ‘yes’ burning inside of me. Spend quality time with yourself. You are your most significant other. Reflecting on my life, I realize that … Continue reading The spider, my master teacher, Part 5

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