Becoming the New Human

You are invited to Becoming the New Human, an ongoing monthly series in which we explore the evolution of our species and discover the divine nature that is awakening in and through us now.

In these 90-minute sessions, we explore themes of spiritual realization and embodiment (e.g., “10 Steps for Becoming the New Human“), how we cultivate and live the new consciousness, and how we can support one another in living it consistently and sustainably. Along the way, we engage with spiritual practices, develop our capacities for loving presence, and experience powerful transmissions of energy and realization that support healing, awakening, and joyful transformation.

The opportunity of these sessions goes beyond definitions to the actual living of the New Human, moment-to-moment, both as individuals and, especially, in community. What does life look, feel, and taste like when our experience reflects the reality our divine nature and when we know our true self to be that presence? What is possible, personally and collectively, when we follow this inquiry into full embodiment?

The format of the the sessions is open, co-creative, self-organizing, peer-to-peer, intuitive, heart-centered, and grounded in deep listening and remembering.

Becoming the New Human is offered by Jeff Vander Clute, Yanni Maniates, and friends as a gift exchange with a suggested donation of $15-$25 USD per session. We feel that it is important for everyone who is called to participate to be able to do so. Therefore, you may contribute more or less, as inspired and depending on your financial situation.

Join the Community

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On Becoming Truly New

[W]e are in a very special situation, extremely special, without precedent. We are now witnessing the birth of a new world; it is very young, very weak—not in its essence, but in its outer manifestation-not yet recognized, not even felt, denied by the majority. But it is here. It is here, making an effort to grow, absolutely sure of the result. But the road to it is a completely new road which has never before been traced out—nobody has gone there, nobody has done that! It is a beginning, a universal beginning. So, it is an absolutely unexpected and unpredictable adventure.

There are people who love adventure. It is these I call, and I tell them this: “I invite you to the great adventure.”

It is not a question of repeating spiritually what others have done before us, for our adventure begins beyond that. It is a question of a new creation, entirely new, with all the unforeseen events, the risks, the hazards it entails-a real adventure, whose goal is certain victory, but the road to which is unknown and must be traced out step by step in the unexplored. Something that has never been in this present universe and that will never be again in the same way. If that interests you … well, let us embark.

—The Mother, 1957-58

Instructions for Attending the Live Sessions

To attend the sessions via Zoom, click If you are using the Zoom mobile app, you will need to enter 88 1008 1111 as the Meeting ID. If you are unfamiliar with the Zoom video platform, this video will show you what to do.

Our Guiding Principles

In our interactions with one another, we are guided by the following principles:

  1. We listen deeply and speak from the heart of enlightenment into the center of the circle.
  2. We honor that this is a sacred space for sharing and appreciating many perspectives. We recognize that there is nothing to prove, that there is no need to be right, to debate, to offer advice, or even to speak at all.
  3. We keep our comments brief so that everyone else may share as well. We are mindful to leave space so that the rest of the circle has the opportunity to speak before we speak again.
  4. Remember: “Before you speak, ask yourself: Is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence?” (Sai Baba)

Voluntary Love Contribution

Everyone is invited to make a financial contribution from the heart to help pay for technology and other costs. If you are able to donate, and inspired to do so, simply click on the button below. Please note that donations will be processed through the PayPal account of Sourcing The Way.

Schedule of Upcoming Sessions

The schedule of upcoming Becoming the New Human calls is shown in the calendar below. Dates and times are given in your local time zone. You may check or confirm which time zone is shown in the bottom-right corner. Feel free to write to with any questions or for more information about how to participate.

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Heavens Above Her” by Ian Norman (Lonely Speck)