​Living God-Realization in Community

The inaugural Living God-Realization in Community retreat took place at a gorgeous venue in the Napa Valley, California.

Join us for three days of co-creative exploration as we live into God-realized community.

Together, we will explore and experience, in our own ways, God-realization, how we cultivate and live it, and how we can support one another in living this realization sustainably.

Spiritual teachers throughout the ages have declared that each of us is God, is the light, is an avatar, if only we would realize it. One helpful definition of God-realization is provided by the Sufi sage, Meher Baba, and summarized here. You might have your own preferred definition.

Although it may feel bold and even confronting – to the ego at least – to assert our divinity, increasingly this seems to be precisely what’s needed now for spiritual fulfillment and to heal the planet and ourselves.

The invitation of this gathering goes beyond definitions to the actual living of God-realization, as individuals and, especially, in community. What does life look, feel, and taste like when our experience reflects the reality of the Divine and, moreover, when we know our true Self to be that Presence? What’s possible, collectively, when we follow these insights into ever more full embodiment?

The inaugural Living God-Realization in Community retreat took place 27-30 August 2019 in the Napa Valley, California, USA.