Dawn Griffin  Reset Specialist

Since you are on this site, I will share about my journey without the filters I might use to create connection in other contexts. I am a visionary, with “life work” of “mastery” in the Gene Keys typing system. I have come to participate in major planetary change, as I’m sure many of you know to be true in your lives.

I have always wanted to know and express myself in the fullness of my humanity and my gifts and am here to support you in doing the same. An overarching theme has been mastering health and unlocking human potential. My focus is to discover how amazing this experience can be by always stretching to touch what is beyond perceived limits. Key to that discovery is a deeply rooted understanding of the importance of community in the broadest sense. The core premise of my thesis for my degree in environmental policy and planning from the University of California, Santa Cruz, was that all of the issues we face have to do with forgetting what it means to be in relationship on all levels—to our body intelligence; our higher selves; to the Earth; to God or Source; in one-on-one relationships; in our families; and in the larger community.

Currently I have a website that delineates components of community as a roadmap to finding our way back to thriving together. I am available to do explorations with communities about where to start with what is already present. Each community’s offerings will be unique to the gifts of the people comprising it. More details are available on my site: ResetCenter.net

In 2014 I published a visionary fiction titled We Came Here to Play. It describes the future world we are intended to inhabit. It is a world free of fear, separation and the sense of not enough. The print and e-book is available on Amazon.com. You can also listen to me reading the book for free on New Earth Story Time.

At the center of the thriving community in We Came Here to Play is something very similar to The Reset Center. It is my vision to draw together those ready to step into the fuller potential both the book and the Reset Center website describe.

I also produced a multi-image show for a conference on spirituality and the environment held in Boulder, Colorado. It highlighted the issues we face and the solutions being created to address them. The show, titled On Wings of a Dream was later funded and put on video. Additionally, I spent time on Niue, a small coral atoll in the South Pacific, to explore a proposal for creating an eco-village and learning center incorporating their traditional knowledge and travelled across Siberia to participate in cross-cultural dialogues with women. Professionally, my environmental advocacy work was expressed through office management for EarthSave, Circle of Life, and Ecology Action in Willits, California.

I am a quantum biofeedback practitioner and have trained in a variety of modalities for working with limiting patterns. Those include: Thought Field Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Brain Gym, Body Talk, Psych-K, Social Artistry with Dr. Jean Houston and Flow Mastery. I am also a member of an improv comedy group, utilizing the tools of that craft for creating a deeper sense of community, play and reawakening imagination.