Evan Renaerts • Supporting Conscious Change

Evan Renaerts is an executive coach and spiritual mentor. He is known for his grounded, heart-centered approach and love for supporting others to discover their deeper, more essential selves. Based on a belief that how we show-up in the world is greatly affected by how well we know Who and What we are, Evan encourages working with inquiry and meditation to engage in the ongoing journey of self-realization.

Evan’s practice is informed by 35-years of meditation, including dozens of 3 to 30-day silent retreats. He has trained in breathwork facilitation and open space group processes, is a certified mediator/negotiator (Justice Institute of BC), and works as a mentor, coach and consultant in personal and organizational change.

In 1990-93, Evan took what became a four-year sabbatical, immersing himself in the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual and intentional community in northern Scotland. There he served as an active member in the Foundation’s Senior Management Group, facilitated guest workshops, and stewarded a process that revitalized the Foundation’s Staff Group.

Evan has a background in heavy construction ­– bidding, planning and managing multi-million-dollar projects in complex unionized contexts where he was known for running safe, trouble free jobs.

Deeply committed to radical self-inquiry, since 2018 Evan has worked extensively with plant medicines to challenge his beliefs and habit patterns and to continue opening to a full and rich life.


Evan’s ability as a coach places him amongst the best in professional coaching circles. He brings a huge level of insight and experience. One of the things that really gives him the edge is his commitment to his own development. He is incredibly wise and compassionate combined with the ability to really challenge and help clients through huge positive shifts.
  —Hilary Wilson, Executive Mentor, Wilson Associates Ltd. UK

Evan is a skilled coach and facilitator with a finely-honed intuitive sense for what is working and what needs attention, all tempered with a gentle sense of humour to help individuals and groups transform for the better.​
  —Wayne Penney, Partner, Impactmakers Consulting Group

Your presence has a huge impact. It’s like your energy goes out and brings me to a different frequency. I find it easier to be me in our conversations.
  —Adrian W. Owner/Operator AWQS Consulting

Photo Credit (Header): Paul Cameron