Holly L. Thomas • Content Strategist, Poet, Artist

Late in 2015, when I was preparing to leave corporate life and career number two after 16 years as a technical editor and writer for Microsoft, I happened across a Facebook link to a post Jeff Vander Clute had written for Sourcing The Way. I’d met Jeff and Maria a few years before and had liked them immediately but hadn’t kept in touch. I used Facebook so rarely back then that I’d no idea what they’d been up to and had never heard of Sourcing The Way. So, I followed the link.

Jeff’s post was about awakening consciousness. Somewhere around the 3rd paragraph tears started pouring down my face, my heart broke open, and my mind started ringing like a gong. I understood in a way that leapt way ahead of my usual thought process. It felt like an internal compass that had been spinning for years had suddenly locked in North. The work Jeff was doing was in some way my work too.

This all happened so quickly that normal thinking took a while to catch up. But it was obvious that I needed to contact Jeff.

A short email turned into a great conversation that turned into a series of coaching calls with Jeff and Maria. When I resigned from my job at Microsoft in March 2016 and hit the road for two months, Jeff and Maria were two of only three people I checked in with on a regular schedule. During my slow amble down the west coast, inland to the Arizona desert, and back, they helped me work with insights into the nature of nature, time, connection, and energy that came to or through me. But that grossly understates it.

They helped me recognize my connection with Source and trust what came to or through me when the connection was strong. I stopped discounting my sense of the aliveness within and around us. Somewhere among the redwoods of northern California, my version of “we’re all connected” and “we’re all one” emerged as a practice of reciprocity—of engaging with Creation as if everything, and I mean EVERY thing, appreciates being appreciated.

When my road trip ended, our exploring continued, our friendship flourished, and I began to contribute to their processes and inquiries. They invited me to join the Sourcing The Way advisory council, whose other members welcomed me beautifully, and, eventually, to join the Board.

Holly L. Thomas, “Shimmer 1 (watercolor on wood)”

Somewhere along the way I also began editing for the Sourcing The Way blog because I couldn’t help myself—call it an occupational hazard.

Fast-forward to now: I edit, write, plan content, and consult for folks whose work benefits the world. I’m blessed indeed that Maria and Jeff are among them. I’m also a poet, author of Pluck Another Apple, Eve, And Finish It. And, to keep the Color muses happy and my vision (and “Vision”) sharp, I create visual art.