Awakening Loving Grace

Life is providing everything needed for joy, awakening, and a steady stream of beautiful experiences. With a shift in perception we discover the gems that are hidden in plain sight and tap into the great reservoir of inner peace, wisdom, and guidance. When we make this shift, problems dissolve and we come to know life as a cascade of blessings.

Awakening Loving Grace is radical self-care. You will gain insights into life direction and key decisions, your untapped gifts, what is needed to fulfill your mission and empower your journey, and where you are poised to make leaps in your development. You will experience transmissions of consciousness and energy that heal and enliven, enlightening conversations, and processes that will accelerate your natural evolution, align your work and life with your heart, and expand your awareness.

Awakening Loving Grace is utterly unique – powerful, grounding, and mysteriously delicious. For those who are ready to make the leap, prepare for a maximum dose of loving transformation.

Price: $425 USD (or ability to pay) for one 90-minute session and one 45-minute follow-up session. If you resonate and feel that this offering is for you, and finances are tight, we will find a win-win solution.