Clarity & Empowerment

How would it feel to have perfect clarity about the nature and direction of your life and work? Are you ready to experience a new level of empowerment, and be liberated from deep and subtle patterns that have been holding you back for years or even lifetimes? Would you like to cultivate your own knowing, inner wisdom, and intuitive guidance systems, so that you can make enlightened decisions in any situation?

Jeff Vander Clute is a guide to the “inner wilderness,” and a mentor who grows spiritually awakened people and organizations. He loves helping visionary entrepreneurs and changemakers to open to the reality of their being, expand into freedom, become preternaturally clear, and live an empowered life now. If you are looking to become more awake and alive, and if your work in the world includes contributing to the awakening and healing of others, then working with Jeff could be an ideal way to upgrade yourself and your business or organization.

An engagement typically involves three or more sessions that consist of light and fun conversations that celebrate you, Resonance Mapping (a process that brings clarity to opportunities), and unique blessings that help you to see the truth, goodness, and beauty in your life situation and step into the most enlightened version of yourself now. Whether you are newly awakening or a master in your domain, there is always more enlightenment and empowerment available. These sessions will enable you to be more fully present, enjoy and explore your true gifts, and go further on the journey of realization and mastery.