Professional & Volunteer Affiliations
​with Conscious Organizations

Current Affiliations

Sourcing The Way, Co-founder and President
Source of Synergy Foundation, Chair of the Board
Alliance for the Earth, Board Member
Bristlecone Mining Corporation (new), Co-founder and Board Member
DreamRider Productions / Planet Protector Academy, Advisor (former board member)
Evolutionary Leaders Circle, Member
Garden of Light, Board Member
InClaritas, Member
LOVE TO, Advisor
Sarah McCrum Enterprises, Advisor
Story Bridge, Advisor
Thriving Communities, Advisor

Previous Affiliations

Charter for Compassion International, Member of the Global Compassion Council 2014-2018
Compassionate Action Network, Board Member 2011-2017
Gaiafield Council, Member 2012-2016
The Happiness Initiative (now The Happiness Alliance), Founding Board President 2012-2014
NewStories, Board Member 2010-2017
Pathways To Peace, Board Member 2014-2015
Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory, 2011-2013
Thrive Napa Valley, 2011-2013