The Great Knowing Sun of Purest Realization

The below charts, consisting of spiritual addresses and descriptions of realms of awareness, began to reveal themselves to Jeff Vander Clute in late December 2015, in Goa, on the west coast of India. Soon afterwards, during a quiet moment in the Himalayas near the sacred mountain Nanda Devi, an inner voice said that this technology will support the enlightenment of hundreds of millions of people.

After several years of exploration and refinement, it was discovered that the charts radiate an energy that can be experienced physically, and that these emanations support awakening, empowerment, healing, and activation of one’s spiritual gifts. Thus was born the transmission of The Great Knowing Sun of Purest Realization, also known more briefly as The Great Knowing Sun.

Due to the way that The Great Knowing Sun has emerged and been crystallized in these charts, it is the primary vehicle for offering the sum total of all realizations that Jeff has ever had, as well as a great deal more, to humanity.

Experiment 1: Receiving the Transmission

  1. Zoom out with your browser (typically using Command-[minus sign]) until the images below become small enough to fit within the screen.
  2. Hold the palm of your receiving hand (typically the left hand) over the images. Orient your giving hand (the other hand) with the palm facing the ground. Notice whether there is a position where your hands feel like they “click” into place.
  3. Allow the transmission ​to flow in through your receiving hand, to bring your whole being whatever it most needs, and then flow out through your giving hand into Earth.
  4. Allow the flow of the transmission without trying to understand it. Whatever understanding is needed will come later.
  5. Notice any sensations, ideas, or insights that arise during the process.
  6. Allow the transmission to permeate and nourish your whole being, from the deepest depths of your soul into your physical, energetic, and mental bodies.
  7. The transmission is limitless and never-ending. All the same, continue until you have a sense of being complete for now. This may occur within 1-3 minutes.
  8. After a little practice, you may wish to experiment with sending the transmission to people, places, communities, organizations, endangered species, etc. that need support.

Experiment 2: Releasing

  1. Place your giving hand on or over the images below, wherever you feel called.
  2. Place your receiving hand on top of your heart.
  3. Release all the pain, burden, anxiety, and fear… into the portal created by these charts.
  4. After 1-3 minutes, or whenever you sense that the process is complete, remove your hands.

Experiment 3: Dowsing for Insights

  1. Allow your eye or hand to be drawn to one or more locations in in the images below.
  2. Notice which area or areas are attracting your attention.
  3. Zoom in with your browser (typically using Command-[plus sign]) until you can read the labels and text. Scroll as needed until you can see and read the area(s) you are drawn to.
  4. What do the words, colors, and/or symbols bring to awareness for you?
  5. Notice any sensations, ideas, or insights that arise.​

Composite View of the Charts

The charts have been reduced in size to fit the screen. To read the text, zoom in by pressing Command and + on your keyboard. Press Command and – to zoom out.