Kate Sutherland • Social Entrepreneur, Coach, Author, Consultant

Kate Sutherland is a social entrepreneur, coach, author, and consultant dedicated to awakening and supporting others to awaken.

Kate is co-founding faculty and executive coach for Simon Fraser University’s Social Innovation Certificate, SFU’s Certificate in Evaluation for Social Impact and Transformational Learning, and THNK School of Creative Leadership. With 25 years experience as a consultant in community and organizational change, her current priorities are growing the capacity and nimbleness of leaders and change agents through retreats, courses, coaching and writing, and co-creating a consultancy to demonstrate the transformative potential of collective inner work approaches.

Her latest book, We Can Do This! 10 Tools to Unleash Our Collective Genius shares the frameworks she has found most helpful for transforming groups, systems and self.

For Kate, “Consciousness matters most”; and to bring about the beautiful world we sense is possible, we need to shift the source place from which we operate, and practice collaborative co-creation with each other and the intelligence of Life.

Kate is passionate about inner work and the gifts of attending to intention, perception, intuition and consciousness. Ever since she lived at the Findhorn Foundation (1990-93) where she learned simple, powerful (and collective!) inner work approaches to governance and decision-making, she has cultivated intuitive knowing and ability to work co-creatively through daily inner work practices. She loves that inner work approaches work on us – bringing us into greater alignment and joy – as they work for us, helping us co-create – with grace and ease – breakthroughs and non-linear change.


Kate Sutherland is a searcher for truths. Whether it is personal truths, community truths or organizational truths, she searches for the highest order of integrity to be found. In these search journeys, Kate uses both sides of her brain, pushing the thinking, the methods and the margins. Kate’s work is an example of the kind of integrity one expects of an original: finding the simple truths underlying complexity and confusion of personal, collective and community change.
  —Tim Beachy, Chair, WJS Canada

Kate has a profound gift for linking personal and social transformational practices. Her ability to articulate ineffable aspects of self-discovery and group process is extraordinary. Kate embodies her purpose and passion in a way that inspires everyone she meets. She brings keen insight and a treasure trove of skills to our grassroots leadership development program.
  —Jodi Lasseter, National Program Director, What’s Your Tree

Kate is a breath of fresh air. Her intuitive nature, kind approach and skills in leading groups is refreshing and exhilarating. I have had the chance to work with her both one-on-one and in a group and both have left me with an abundance of new tools and clarity on my life’s direction.

Kate Sutherland, along with Evan Renaerts, supported our organization through a difficult transition. Kate’s delicate attunement to what needs to arise, combined with her fierce stewardship of the unfolding of truth, helped us to move from a place of hurt and polarity towards a place of healing and maturity. She was unflinching in a large group of passionate individuals, many with strong opinions about what was “right”, and rode the balance point between strength and harmlessness in a way that allowed us to let our defenses down and hear each other. We deeply appreciated Kate and Evan’s support, which helped us to re-engage with our organization’s mission with renewed confidence and integrity.
  —Elizabeth Neil, Director (2007-2009), Community Arts Nonprofit

Photo Credit (Header): Krivec Ales