Maria Baeck • Soul Leadership

Maria is a Soul Leadership Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Sensing Partner, and Speaker. She provides a safe space for nourishing conversations, that offer a path to courage, clarity, choice, and connection, as well as time for reflection.

Thanks to her own journey, which includes 30+ years of experience in the high-tech electronics industry, she knows that it is not the external world that creates her experience, rather it is her attitude, aptitude, and awareness that offer the keys to fulfilment, empowerment, and freedom.

Honouring ‘seekers’ and ‘finders’, Maria includes a spiritual perspective that takes things to a new level. Her interest in exploring new perspectives and expanding her horizon has been a part of who she is for as long as she can remember. Over time, she has come to refer to her expertise as deep reflective / active listening.

Maria’s aim is to help shift perspectives – to provide her clients with the inspiration and motivation to expand their horizon. A Swedish expatriate with a love for meaningful conversations, Maria helps women to awaken their Soul, connect new dots, and achieve a greater sense of inner and outer Freedom.

Coaching and mentoring, involves trust and being vulnerable. Those who feel attracted to coaching or mentoring often want to be empowered to find a solution, make the right choice, be seen and heard, or experience insight, depth, or connection. Maria provides her clients with the space, tools, inspiration, and support to awaken parts of themselves that have been quiet and dormant for far too long.

Exploring Perspectives


In this series, Maria shares her thoughts, perspectives, and explorations that come her way living life.

Photo Credit (Header): Samjhana Moon